Onfoot Consulting is a unique Organizational Development (OD) consulting service committed to helping clients leverage their own expertise and wisdom in order to make decisions, accomplish change, and achieve meaningful progress toward goals that are important to them.

Founded by Barrett Horne in 2011, Onfoot Consulting represents the culmination of nearly four decades of experience with a variety of organizations and leaders in nearly 40 countries.

Since moving from Oxford, UK, in 2002, Barrett has been operating out of his off-grid office in the Yukon bush of Northern Canada, from where he connects and works with clients and colleagues all over the world.

Holding MA degrees in Organizational Management and Development, as well as Philosophy and History, Barrett has especially focused his work around understanding organizations as complex adaptive systems, teasing out how that reality impinges upon the challenges of leadership, organizational effectiveness and productivity.

Through Onfoot Consulting, Barrett has honed a strong foundation of theory and practice. Along the way he has assembled an impressive global network of collaborative expert practitioners, innovative entrepreneurs, and creative change agents. The network includes specialists in the areas of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis; team effectiveness and productivity coaching; sophisticated virtual and in-person facilitation; strategic planning and change management.

Onfoot Consulting does not believe in ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions. Every client engagement represents an approach that is expressly tailored to their unique context and challenges. In North America, Europe, Eurasia, Asia and Africa, Barrett’s track record is one of strong and constructive relationships with his clients, adding real value, empowering and equipping people and organizations to achieve their fullest potential, with cultural sensitivity and a deep appreciation for diversity.


Tracey Johnson, MALT

As an organizational development consultant, Tracey works at the junction of management consulting, process facilitation, coaching, and adult education in order to facilitate group conversations designed to produce productive and healthy workplaces.

Tracey loves to help leaders and their teams look reflectively at their work and how they work together. To do this, she draws on 30 years’ experience in public, private, and NGO organizations in the areas of organizational design, leadership development, team effectiveness and knowledge transfer.

Ashton Drew, PhD

Ashton brings 25 years of experience working with data at the intersections of science, social values, and organizational development. Focusing on data analytics and application development for decision-support, she has managed and collaborated on diverse multi-investigator, multi-year projects, including consulting work with clients in the USA, New Zealand and Yukon.

She teaches regularly through Transmitting Science (Barcelona), as well as offering private workshops for R programming. Ashton has co-edited two textbooks and co-authored multiple papers on topics of landscape ecology, conservation planning, expert knowledge elicitation, and inquiry-guided teaching.

Laurie Webster, MBA

Laurie helps clients effect change. Using narrative research and natural sensemaking methodologies, Laurie is able to bring light to even the most complex issues. Built on Active Sensemaking, hundreds, even thousands, of experiences are gathered from relevant stakeholders or communities, with each story being interpreted by respondents at the point of collection.

By applying sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analyses, Laurie enables those clients—from government, marketing, health care, and third world development domains--to explore their data, bringing to light invaluable insights and informing meaningful action.

Shannon Patterson, MA, MSOD

Grounded in 20 plus years’ experience across engineering, architecture, government, and personal development fields, Shannon helps leaders clarify organizational purpose, shift culture, improve team performance, and develop their people.

With certifications in Team Elements® Coaching, EQ in Action®, Identity Mapping®, and deep expertise in group dynamics, nonviolent communication, complexity science, and Liberating Structures, Shannon helps clients navigate “the complexity in here” so that they can navigate “the complexity out there” from a place of clarity, groundedness, and wisdom, taking action on what matters most.

Bob Polk, PhD

Working with leaders and their organizations, Bob brings together 30 years of leading on the front lines of conflict zones, mentoring U.S. and international experts in forming strategic organizations in the public sector, and researching complex human sense-making.

Bob blends multiple scientific fields as background to complement the work he does with leaders struggling to bring their best contributions to life in their own unique settings. His overarching goal is to help them translate strategic contexts into “next wise actions” through their own evolving teams and organizations.

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